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Somenath Mukherjee is an acclaimed Speech-Language Pathologist and audiologist. He has extensive knowledge and expertise in the assessment and treatment of individuals with hearing, speech and language disabilities and is a specialist on the use of therapies and treatment of swallowing and feeding disorders.

As a researcher he has participated in a project- ‘The Effect of Traffic Noise on the hearing Ability of the School Students of Kolkata’ undertaken by the Applied Statistics Unit of the Indian Statistical Institute. His survey on “The length of utterance and syntactic performance of normal children and those with hearing difficulty” has been published at the journal of Deaf Studies and Deaf Education. To advance his researches he has worked with the Department of Psychology, University of Calcutta on the ‘Necessary Development of a Diagnostic Tool for Clinical Assessment of Specific Learning Disability and Prevalence of Specific Learning Disability’ among school going children in West Bengal (2010-2014). He has further worked on language for a project named, ‘Profiles in Bengali Language in Children with Autism’ under the Department of Psychology, University of Calcutta.

As a speaker he has participated in many workshops as a part of MDT team on topics like ‘Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) through AAF and Skill Sprout of New Jersey USA’, ‘Feeding Difficulties- Role of MDT’ and ‘Nutrition and Behavioral in Pediatric Practice’ at Apollo Gleneagles Hospital. He has also presented topics such as ‘Planning a Start-up in Private Practice- Technical Aspect’ and ‘ASLP as an Entrepreneur’ as a faculty member of 49th Indian Speech and Hearing Association Conference. As a spokesperson he has also raised alarm on communication difficulties with a speech on ‘Communication Problem in ASD’ in CRE Program in 2011.

Somenath Mukherjee is a popular practitioner of speech and hearing impairments and co-founded various organizations with other eminent pathologists. He began his career as a consultant Audiologist in Apollo Gleneagles Hospital and Peerless Hospital, Kolkata for over 10 years. He graduated in Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology and done his Masters in the same field from AYJNIHH (ERC) Kolkata under West Bengal University of Health Sciences.

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