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Kuntal Sarkar is a Supervising Speech-Language Therapist. He specializes in both adult and pediatric speech, language, voice and swallowing deficits and has experience of working at numerous clinical settings. His understanding of different evaluation techniques and therapies along with their implementation on patients with different problems has borne successful results.

As a certified speech pathologist he has undertaken serious projects. He has participated in a project on ‘The Effect of Traffic Noise on the Hearing Ability of the School Students of Kolkata’ under Applied Statistics Unit, Indian Statistical Institute.

Kuntal Sarkar has graduated in Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology from Utkal University. He has also done B.ED in Special Education from AYJNIHH (ERC) and holds a diploma in Hearing Language and Speech (DHLS). His early experience of working as a Consultant Speech-Language Pathologist at B.P. Podder Hospital, Park Neuroscience Centre, NG Medicare and ALIMCO has contributed to his later achievement as an expert therapist. He has also dedicated service at several special schools such as Ahead, Bodhayan, Nabaprayas and Sarva Shiksha Mission, West Bengal.

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